Mission Statement

永安石碑是一個集 石碑 設計,刻字,安裝的專業 石碑 製造公司。我們的石碑全部選用優質的花崗岩並且直接從國外進口,主要的產地國有印度,中國以及南非。本工廠擁有先進的美國生產的自動噴砂機,保證噴出標準精美的字體;專業的設計人員可以設計出各種圖案,滿足客人的需求;經驗豐富的工人可以為客人訂購的 石碑 雕琢得完美無瑕。我們有充足的石碑庫存,保證客人的交貨期限。
此外,我們長期有若干套特價碑供客人選購。 其他服務:石碑影雕,瓷像,骨灰盅,墓園補字。


Professional Expertise

We have professional consultation staff, designers and expert craftsmen to help create one of a kind monument to honor and remember you loved one. We use advanced laser engraving and modern sandblasting equipment to create the perfect design on your chosen monument.


Great Services

We take the time to understand your needs when choosing the monument. You will be patiently explained and guided through the entire process of application according to various cemeteries’ rules and regulations. We will walk you through all the steps till delivery and installation of your chosen tribute monument.


Quality Assurance

All of the tombstone materials are made of high-grade granite from all over the world, cut and polished by experienced workers. We are committed to the ideal of quality, life guarantee for all of tombstones that we sold. We offer free replacement due to defects in the stone itself and non-human damage to the stone.

Contact us any time for a no charge no obligation consultation.