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For over 25 years, Memorial Galleries Inc. has been helping families celebrate and commemorate their loved ones with personalized headstones and monuments.


Professional Expertise

We have professional consultation staff, designers and expert craftsmen to help create one of a kind monument to honor and remember you loved one. We use advanced laser engraving and modern sandblasting equipment to create the perfect design on your chosen monument.

Great Services

We take the time to understand your needs when choosing the monument. You will be patiently explained and guided through the entire process of application according to various cemeteries’ rules and regulations. We will walk you through all the steps till delivery and installation of your chosen tribute monument.

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Quality Assurance

All of the tombstone materials are made of high-grade granite from all over the world, cut and polished by experienced workers. We are committed to the ideal of quality, life guarantee for all of tombstones that we sold. We offer free replacement due to defects in the stone itself and non-human damage to the stone.


In their time of need

Personalization Included

Personalizing your monument commemorates your loved one and it also gives family and loved ones a visiting place.  At Memorial Galleries, the purchase price includes the inscription of names, dates, an epitaph and a carved patterned design. There is a small charge for the engraving to complete a final date after the monument is installed in the cemetery. Prices of monuments vary based on size, colour and material.

Our Prices
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Know your cemetary

Know your Cemetery

The Cemetery… The final resting place for your loved one. Do you really know what is allowed at the cemetery you chose? There are many elements to consider before selecting your cemetery plot. There may be different rules and regulations from section to section in the cemetery, so do not assume they are all the same. When purchasing a plot, if possible shop pre-need and shop around before purchasing. The family should question the cemetery as to the rules and regulations relating to the type of memorial permitted within the particular section.


Hi Mark, Yes I went to the cemetery on my lunch hour and I saw …. It looks so beautiful! Thank you so much for everything!

Mary Kentros

I went and saw it. It is looking very nice! Please thank Mark and everyone who were involved. I appreciate all your work. Thank you!

Premina and P Samuel

I am very impressed by your service, I will try to drop by this weekend. July 1 is a holiday. Will you open this Sunday?
Many thanks for your help.


I would like to thank you and Mark once again for the beautiful monument and accommodating the installation on our request date.
My father is very pleased with the design and has told many of his friends about your company.

Bill Tu

Thank you very much for all of your help with the monument. Our family could not be happier with the beautiful monument that Memorial Galleries created for us.
You will definitely highly recommended by us in the future.

Kim Wilson

I went by and everything looks good. Thank you.


Frequently Asked Questions

How CAN I apply TO INSTALL a monument in the cemetery?

All you need to do is provide us with the cemetery information. This includes the name of the cemetery, location of the plot in the cemetery, ownership and most importantly, the size of the plot. This information will help us ensure we receive approvals from the cemetery and follow their process and standards to install the monument correctly.

Then, an Application Form will be prepared for the owner(s) to sign. You will be advised to write a cheque payable to the cemetery for the Foundation Fee and a Maintenance and Care Fee. The total fee is determined by the size of the monument and is required by the cemetery for setting up the foundation prior to the installment of the monument.


We are proud to offer competitive prices to our customers. The cost listed on our website includes the two-part stone of the monument (the headstone where words and designs are engraved and the base which holds the headstone in place). The price of each monument is calculated based on the style, size and lettering technique.

Additionally, there is a fee required by the cemetery, which consists of two items: Foundation Fee and Maintenance & Care Fee. This is the cost of setting up the concrete foundation for the plot and maintaining the monument, which the cemetery is responsible for. Please note this is paid to the cemetery by the customer prior to the installation of the monument in addition to the price of the monument itself.

Our quoted price for the monument includes the design, lettering, delivery and installation in cemeteries within the GTA.

HOW CAN I start designing a meaningful monument for my loved one(S)?

We understand choosing the right monument can be overwhelming, which is why our team is here to help. We invite you to visit our showroom to select the right stone with your desired colour, style, and right price. Our design specialists will be your guide to help you choose the design and style you are happy with.

In our showroom, we have tens of thousands of patterns for you to browse and we are happy to provide recommendations that suit your needs. This way, you can take your time to focus on more important parts of your monument, such as the words or message you would like us to engrave. We will also provide you with a variety of fonts for you to choose from.

You may also use the “Design Your Own” function of our website, where you can choose the colour and size of the stone yourself, and see what our designs would look like on the monument. Once you visit our showroom in person, our designers will help add the finishing touches to the monument artwork with guaranteed satisfaction.

May I use my own designs or patterns? How can I do so?

We are committed to meeting your needs. You are welcome to send us your unique design or pattern to our email. Our designer will then create a mock-up to share with you and tweak it until you are happy with the final result. The final decision is always yours.

Can I change the design of the finished monument?

We are always listening to your ideas and feedback throughout the design process, and are happy to provide you with multiple revision drafts and time to review, modify, and make corrections until you are 100% happy with the monument design. Once the final design has been approved and signed, it will be submitted to the production line, and no changes will be allowed beyond that point.

WHAT IF there is a mistake on the finished monument?

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. Our teams will work very closely with you throughout the design process to make any changes until you are 100% satisfied. If the proper design process is followed, there will not be any mistakes on the finished monument, hence why your feedback throughout the process is important as part of our professional services to help us ensure you are happy with the final design before production. We do not move forward with production until we receive your final approval on the design.

Does Memorial Galleries Inc. install monument?

Yes, our price includes professional design, production, delivery and installation.

IS there a warranty for the monument?

Memorial Galleries Inc. provides a lifetime warranty to the original owner of our monuments installed by our team. We will replace a new monument should there be any manufacturing defects or damages to the monument. However, non-manufacturing defects or damages due to mishandling will not be covered by our lifetime warranty.

Does Memorial Galleries do engravings at the cemetery?

Yes, our team of professionals can engrave on pre-installed monuments at the cemetery of your choosing with an additional labour fee for engraving and painting.

Can I cancel MY MONUMENT order?

Yes. You may cancel your monument order with no questions asked within one week after you’ve placed your order to receive a 100% refund of your deposit. If cancelled before the engraving process, we will provide a 50% refund. Cancellations for special orders will require an additional design fee of 30% of the original deposit.