1Q1. How to apply installing a monument in the cemetery?
All you need is to have the Cemetery’s information ready, for example, the name of the cemetery, location of the plot in the cemetery, ownership and most importantly, the size of the plot. The above information is the key for following the cemetery’s rules and getting approval from it.
The Application form will be prepared for the owner(s) to sign. Also, you will be advised to write a cheque, payable to the cemetery, paying a Foundation Fee and a Maintenance and Care Fee, which are based on the size of the designed monument. (This is a charge required by the cemetery for setting the foundation prior to the monument installed)
2Q2. What do I need to know for preparing my budget?
We always offer a very competitive price to our customers. The price you are offered includes the stone of two parts of the chosen monument, the headstone where words and patterns are engraved, and the base which holds the headstone. The design, lettering, delivery and installation are included. The cemetery requires a fee, which includes two parts. One is called Foundation Fee which is the cost of setting a concrete foundation of the plot, the cemetery is responsible for setting it, based on the size of the chosen monument. The other fee is called Maintenance and Care Fee, which is also required by the cemetery, to be paid by the customer prior to installation of the monument.
3Q3. Where to start designing a meaningful monument for my loved one?
Come to our showroom for choosing a right stone with a desired color and style in a right price. Then, we will guide you to choose a professional designed pattern. In our showroom, we have over ten thousands of patterns in our designing system. In the meantime, you may take your time to decide what words or message you would like to put on the monument, we will provide various fonts for you to choose from.
4Q4. What if my message and designs are unique or personal, how you can help me to make it?
It happens. We are committed to offer the best services to meet our clients’ needs. You may send us your unique design or patterns through email, our designer will create a draft according to what you want, send it to you for further discussions. The final decision is always yours.
5Q5. Can I change the design on the finished monument?
We always listen to your idea and comments for modifications during the designing process, which may take weeks. We are happy to give you chances to review, modify, and make corrections until you are 100% satisfied. Once you have signed on the final approval layout, we will put it on the production line, that no more changes are allowed.
6Q6. Would it be any mistakes on the finished monument?
If you follow through our designing process, review, modify, or make corrections until you are 100% satisfied, we can’t see any possibility for making mistake on the finished monument. This is why the final approval you send us is the most important part of our professional service.
7Q7. Does Memorial Galleries Inc. install monument?
Yes, the price you pay for includes professional design, production, delivery and installation.
8Q8. What if I find defective monument after installation?
Memorial Galleries Inc. provides lifetime warranty to the original owner of our installed monument. We will replace a new monument if there is a fabricated crack or damage on the monument. The non-manufacturing defects or damage due to mishandling will not be covered by our lifetime warranty.
9Q9. Does Memorial Galleries do engraving at the cemetery?
Yes, we charge extra labor fee for performing the engraving job in the cemetery and painting for installed monument in cemeteries.